The Quiet Hour

A film we worked on premiered at London's Raindance last week and got nominated for best UK feature. Every project requires time and commitment, but this one was pretty intense to say the least! It was one of those you end up pouring your heart and soul into, and I'm so glad I got to work on it.

I've talked before about the intensity of thrillers- they are hugely sound dependent; the balance between silence and "boom" is pivotal. The Quiet Hour is no exception, as it follows a young girl's struggle for survival in isolating surroundings. Director Stephanie and Producer Sean describe it more eloquently here!

I'm away on my travels again at the moment. Looking forward to seeing the reaction to the movie when I get home, and catching up with autumnal Ireland. Apparently it's sunny there at the moment but I don't believe it!

Hope it's a great weekend for all.