For The Love of Sound

Hi! My name is Angel and I am a Sound Editor and Field Recordist. I've been working in the TV and Film industry for eight years and I now have an audio post production studio in Northern Ireland.

I'm really passionate about sound, and I'm writing this blog to collate all my audio interests in one place. From the building of my humble new studio (ongoing!), to reviews of equipment and my field recording diaries, I hope to gather all the elements of my journey through the world of sound here.

It'd be great to get comments, questions, and advice on posts- you can also contact and follow me through Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest below.


My first post is going to be about converting a space into a sound studio. Lessons I've learnt the hard way, links to helpful tutorials and a few step-by-steps of my own; for anyone about to embark on a similar project. 

In the meantime, here's a few links to some cool stuff I've come across this week...