I just got back from a recording trip to Spain. It was great to be home (though that's a confusing word these days...)- Spain has so much to offer in terms of sound. From blaring, emotion-brewing traditional trumpets, to street sellers, to the hubbub of it's bars and cafes- which I think sound like nowhere else in the world. There is something about a particularly "Spanish" atmosphere that draws you in and makes you want to sit with friends for hours and drink wine. 

I didn't have time to do that myself, but I did get to record lots of other people doing it- almost as good! I also hit up some of the big sounds you'd expect from a Spanish trip; bull fights, southern music, and even a bit of controversial Gibraltar. (She was interesting to say the least!)

Here's a few photos from my trip. With sound to follow once I've unpacked my bags...


Las Ventas, Madrid

Strait of Gibraltar

Hope it's been a good week for everyone. This morning I'm listening to crisp, newly brown, Irish leaves breezing over my garden. The quiet of rural Ireland is such a contrast to hectic Madrid. I love them both.


Here's some web stuff to check out...

Sound Postcard 01 // Perito Moreno

Whenever I've been away, either travelling or for work, I've sent Sound Postcards to family and friends. I find the combination of a still image with audio to be more moving than a quick video. A bit like audio books, part of the work is done for you but you still need to use your imagination to build the full picture, and I think that stays with you for longer.

Sound is almost always coupled with moving images, but photos allow you to keep the auditory sense at centre stage. Something we're always aiming for!

Parque Nacional Los Glaciares, 1/6/2010


Dear May,

It's early in the morning and I finally made it to this amazing corner of Patagonia. I tried getting inside the park in the middle of the night to beat the crowds but the guards wouldn't let me so I set camp in front of the gate and waited anxiously between snoozes, like it was the first day of sales at El Corte Inglés. 

I managed to wake up on time and still be the first car in so got a good hour one-to-one with Perito Moreno. And the wait was all worth it as the monstrous glacier offered itself up in full; rips, cracks, booms and splashes continuously animating the morning. You know Perito Moreno is one of the few glaciers in the world that isn't receeding? 

Thank you Perito, thank you Patagonia. Hope you enjoy it as much as I did. One day, we'll go back together.



I recently took a trip to China. I travelled down the Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan borders, with the intention of collecting enough to compile a sound package and add to my library. That I did, and trust me if ever you get the chance- go there. It is an amazing part of the world, one full of colour and with a wealth of unusual sounds. The people are fantastic and the landscape so varied that it was a humbling experience for me and my Sennheisers. I came home with a reaffirmation of what motivates me, a remembrance of why I fell in love with sound, and a new resolution to make time to get out of the studio and record.

Trying to carry that feeling back home, I've vowed to get out at least once a month in the field. With minimal equipment, I want to get to places and record purely because they interest me; not just because I've been commissioned or need it for a film.  I've since sought out some great things to record locally, and I really recommend making the effort to get away from the screen that so many of us audio professionals and enthusiasts are often glued to. There's no greater contrast than being in front of a computer, and sitting in a field with your mic. Get out there!

Here's a few sights and sounds that inspired me...

A family happy to pose in Tashkurgan



Market seller

Recording the racket coming from a school window

Nuff said...

Thanks China! You were amazing! 

What's the best field recording trip you've done? Are there any really inspiring places you've found? Would love to hear about them... 

PS- if you haven't already, check these out.