Sound Postcard 06 // Iguazú

Soundscape field recording of the subtropical forest surrounding the Macuco Trail, located in the Iguazú National Park (Argentina-Brazil border). Recorded in 2010.

I spent all morning visiting the impressive waterfalls and by the afternoon I was completely overwhelmed by the crowds of visitors. My attempts to record any nature sounds were frustrating and I eventually got stopped by the park guards, who worried that I was trying to catch rare birds for the illegal trade. Fair play to them for being careful. I diligently went through all my gear with them, what each button did and how it worked, arguing that i had the same goal as the photographers with their mega-zoom lenses - If anything I was less intrusive - but they weren't having any of it. An hour or so later, after I had clearly bored them to death, they released me (and my equipment!).

Sendero Macuco, Parque Nacional Iguazú (Argentina)

During my visit at the ranger's office, I had time to study the park's map and spotted this trail that lead to a remote waterfall. It was time for some freshening up and - I hoped - a bit of downtime from the masses. I packed the gear and promised the rangers I wouldn't be using it again. On the away walk I restrained myself by thinking about the fresh swim awaiting at the waterfall. On the walk back however, as visitors started to thin out, I couldn't resist the urge. 

Gear: Rode NT4 + Fostex FR2-LE

PS - I will say I'm pleased they stopped me because the trade of wild birds is a real problem with disastrous consequences for the species.

Top view of Salto Arrechea with Iguazú river in the background

Salto Arrechea from the bottom.