Big Sounds on a Budget

I've written about recording locally before here. I'm certain there are so many things that are right under our noses, we're just too busy planning big trips to the other side of the world and wishing for a huge budget to enable us to get the 'perfect' (or more importantly, sellable) sounds.

I made a promise to myself some months back, that I'd really try and use any free time for local field trips, and to build a great catalogue of whatever I could find within a few miles' radius. And, last weekend- I found a small airport! Honestly, I hadn't even consider there might be one so close, or that the people would be so friendly, which they were.


I ended up getting some perfectly clean recordings, that I'll for sure be able to use in the future. And also made some contacts to hitch rides in future practice flights- always useful! I never imagined I'd be able to get access to inside helicopters just down the road...

Here's a sample of the recordings:


And here they are as part of a war scene:


Happy weekend everyone! Here's a few cool links to check out...